Our Most Commonly Asked Questions from 2023

Hi beauty! Can you believe we are almost to 2024? This year just flew by! To wrap up the year, I thought I would share some of the most frequently asked questions I got this year. From postpartum hair loss to scalp massage for hair growth to how to make hair thicker — we got you covered. So without further ado… here’s our most commonly asked questions from 2023.

How much hair loss is normal in the shower?

It's normal to lose about 50 to 100 hairs per day, and a portion of this shedding can occur during showering. This can vary from person-to-person depending on genetics and where you are in your hair growth cycle. Seeing a small amount of hair in the shower drain or on your hair brush is typically nothing to worry about. However, it can be cause for concern if you notice a sudden increase in hair loss or feel like your hair is thinning. If you notice more hair down the shower drain or on your hair brush, you may need to give your hair more support. This actually recently happened for a woman in the HAIRLOVE community, and we documented her journey from losing clumps of hair in the shower to her amazing progress now. Check it out — we are so excited for her! 

Can you tell me how to make my hair thicker?

To promote thicker hair, you will want to take the holistic approach. Avoid excessive heat styling and chemical treatments, since they can damage hair strands. Maintain a balanced and nutritious diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins essential for hair health. Hydration is also crucial, so make sure you drink enough water daily. And if you're looking for an extra boost, try taking a natural hair growth supplement like our Growth Complex, designed to support hair growth and vitality. You can also try derma rolling and scalp massages to encourage hair growth, which we talk about more below. 

How do I know I have postpartum hair loss?

Around half of women experience postpartum hair loss. So if you’re wondering about hair loss soon after giving birth, you’re not alone! Postpartum hair loss typically begins a few months after childbirth due to hormonal fluctuations. You may notice increased shedding, especially during activities such as washing or brushing your hair. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to prevent postpartum hair loss, but you can take steps to reverse the damage afterwards! Our Growth Complex in particular can work wonders in giving your hair the TLC and nutritional support it needs during this time. 

What oils are good for hair growth? Does argan oil help hair growth?

Several natural oils can promote hair health and hair growth, including argan, castor, coconut, jojoba, lavender, and rosemary. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, and fatty acids, which can help moisturize the scalp, reduce inflammation, and improve overall hair health. It also reduces the likelihood of breakage and promotes an optimal environment for hair to grow. We have seen so many benefits from this oil so our Nourish + Repair Serum is made of 100% argan oil! 

What vitamin deficiency causes hair loss?

Many vitamins play a major role in hair health, including vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and certain B vitamins, especially niacin (B3) and biotin (B7). Deficiencies in these vitamins can contribute to hair thinning and loss. For example, insufficient biotin may lead to brittle hair, while low levels of vitamin D and iron can contribute to hair shedding. That’s why it's essential to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet. If you are struggling with your vitamin intake, our Growth Complex provides essential nutrients for hair growth to give your hair extra support. 

What foods help hair growth?

On the subject of essential nutrients, we often get asked if nutrition matters for hair. And yes, the food you eat can help or hurt hair growth! We recommend a well-balanced and nutrient-rich diet, including lean proteins like eggs, fish, and lentils and omega-3 fatty acids like chia seeds, salmon, and walnuts. Also try to eat foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, biotin, iron, and zinc. Check out our full article on hair nutrition for some ideas of hair-healthy foods. 

Does scalp massage help hair growth?

Scalp massage offers multiple benefits for your scalp and hair. First off, it encourages blood circulation to hair follicles, which helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to your scalp. It also promotes relaxation and stress reduction, and since stress triggers hair loss, this helps out your hair health too. Plus, scalp massage aids in the distribution of natural oils to prevent dryness and reduce the risk of breakage. The exfoliation it provides also helps remove dead skin cells and excess oil for a little spring cleaning for your scalp. Our Detox Scalp Massager is our go-to while washing our hair to promote scalp health and hair growth.

Should I switch to a silk pillowcase?

Switching to a silk pillowcase can do wonders for your hair and skin! Unlike cotton pillowcases, silk is smoother and creates less friction, which reduces the likelihood of hair breakage and split ends. The smooth surface of silk also minimizes friction on the skin, which can mean less wrinkles and skin irritation. Silk is also less absorbent than cotton, so your pillowcase doesn’t steal the natural oils in your hair and skin. If you're prone to frizz, have delicate or damaged hair, or are concerned about your skin health, a silk pillowcase can be a game-changer! Our Silk Beauty Pillowcase is 100% all-natural 22 momme Mulberry silk to give your hair and skin the royal treatment.  

Does derma rolling work for hair growth?

Derma rolling, also known as microneedling, is a technique that involves rolling a device with tiny needles over the scalp or skin to create micro-injuries. For hair growth, derma rolling can  help stimulate blood circulation and cell turnover, as well as encourage the production of collagen and elastin (two key proteins for hair growth). When used with serums and hair masks, it can also help with absorption to make other hair growth products more effective. It can be a great tool to add to your hair regimen, which is why we offer our Derma Roller here at HAIRLOVE specifically designed for your scalp. 

Which hair brush should I use — wet brush or Denman hair brush?

We get this question all the time where people wonder what the difference is between our Denman Hair Brush and a wet brush. We recommend a Denman brush because it’s a gentler option compared to a wet brush. A wet brush has ball-tips, which can occasionally snag hair, while the Denman brush has an overall bristle design that works better on fragile hair. Plus, the Denman brush is a better styling tool, as it works well to build shape and definition. Check out our article for a more in-depth comparison between the two. 

Where should I start with HAIRLOVE?

We get this question all the time, and our top recommendation is always our Growth Complex. Why? Because it’s best to start on the inside and work your way out. Our Growth Complex formula is packed with a powerful combination of vitamins and minerals designed to rebuild the foundation of each follicle for stronger, healthier hair. It’s also simple — take 2 capsules every day. And within three months, you should start seeing a noticeable difference in your hair!

Can men take HAIRLOVE?

With our beautiful branding being more appealing to females, men often wonder this. And the answer is yes, absolutely, men can use our HAIRLOVE products! The benefits in our products, especially our Growth Complex, work no matter your gender. That’s because our Growth Complex is made from all-natural vitamins and minerals the human body needs. This also means it will not negatively affect natural male hormones like testosterone. Read our full guide on men and HAIRLOVE products for more information.

What’s the difference between HAIRLOVE, Vegamour, and Nutrafol? 

Vegamour and Nutrafol also sell natural hair growth products, and what will work best depends on your unique needs. Vegamour is a topical hair serum that works to soothe and revitalize hair from the outside, starting with the scalp. Nutrafol (which is most similar to HAIRLOVE) uses calming natural ingredients to help the body remain stress-free so it can grow healthier hair.

HAIRLOVE pulls together clinically proven hair-growing vitamins and minerals to supply the body with the proper nutrients so it can grow the healthiest, most beautiful hair possible. Check out our in-depth comparison to see the differences broken down even more.

What’s in the HAIRLOVE Growth Complex?

I love this question! I could talk about our Growth Complex and its incredibly powerful formula all day long. Here’s the eight ingredients in the formula: vitamin C, vitamin E, biotin, vitamin B5, zinc, selenium, Cynatine HNS, and bioperine. Cynatine HNS is our super special ingredient and is a bioavailable form of keratin, a protein naturally produced in your body. Keratin is the building blocks of healthy hair growth, plus it aids in protecting and repairing damaged hair. I can’t say enough about what a difference Cynatine HNS makes! All our ingredients in Growth Complex work together to give your hair and scalp extra nourishment and support for healthier, stronger hair.

three month supply of HAIRLOVE Growth Complex

And there you have it — the most commonly asked questions from 2023. If your question wasn’t covered here, send us a message and we’d love to chat! Wishing you the very best going into 2024 and a Happy New Year!