Vegamour, Nutrafol and HAIRLOVE: Which Natural Hair Growth Supplement is Best?

We’re lucky to live in a time when there are so many great natural products and supplements available to help create stronger, healthier – more va-va-vivacious hair!

That hasn’t always been the case – especially when our founder, Kaley Sparling, was struggling with major hair loss. Not only was Kaley looking for ways to stop her sudden hair shedding, but she was also looking for a 100% natural way to do it.

It took a lot of time, research and testing, but Kaley successfully formulated a unique blend of super-charged, healthy-hair vitamins and minerals to help her – and thousands of women like her – grow stronger, healthier – more beautiful locks.

What's the best hair growth supplement?

Today, there are other natural hair growth products and supplements on the market promising the same results as HAIRLOVE.

So what is the difference between them? Is one supplement/product more suited for you than the others?

To give you a better idea of the top natural hair growth products out there – and to help you make the best decision for you! – we’re going to compare three popular, natural hair growth supplements:

  1. Nutrafol
  2. Vegamour

*Viviscal is not included in this list because it is not formulated with 100% natural ingredients

Difference between HAIRLOVE, Vegamour and Nutrafol

Though we may be biased for our own product 😉, we also recognize that both Nutrafol and Vegamour are great products. There are some key differences in how each works though, so let’s dive in!


Nutrafol Hair Supplement

Derived from all-natural ingredients, Nutrafol is an overall health-boosting, stress-reducing approach. Their ethos is founded on the idea that if the body is healthy and free of stress, it can build healthier, more beautiful hair. And at HAIRLOVE, we simply must agree!

  • Dose: 4 pills/day
  • Cost: $87 for a one-month supply
  • Optimal results: 3 – 6 months


 Vegamour GRO Hair Serum

Created from plant-based ingredients, Vegamour offers a number of great products, specifically, GRO Hair Serum. Based on their belief that growing healthy hair needs a healthy scalp, this topical mixture nourishes and rejuvenates – and we’re big believers in this too!

  • Use: Apply dropper-full and massage into scalp daily
  • Cost: $58 for a 30 ml bottle
  • Optimal results: 4 months


HAIRLOVE Keratin & Collagen Complex sitting on a pink heart cut-out

HAIRLOVE Growth Complex is a 100% drug-free, all-natural supplement focused on reducing shedding and keeping hair in its natural growth phase longer. How does it do this? Our 'holy grail' ingredient: Cynatine HNS, aka keratin.

We believe the start of healthy hair begins with what your body needs to build it with. That’s why we created this unique blend, giving hair the right nutrients it needs to grow, and nourishing it from the inside – out !

  • Dose: 2 pills/day
  • Cost: $47 for a one-month supply (the most affordable option compared with Nutrafol and Vegamour, might we add 🤑)
  • Optimal results: 3 – 6 months

To recap…

  1. Vegamour is a topical hair serum that works to soothe and revitalize hair from the outside, starting with the scalp.
  2. Nutrafol (which is most similar to HAIRLOVE) uses calming natural ingredients to help the body remain stress-free so it can grow healthier hair.
  3. HAIRLOVE pulls together clinically proven hair-growing vitamins and minerals to supply the body with the proper nutrients so it can grow the healthiest, most beautiful hair possible. Because we believe in letting nature do its best work!

Good hair comes to those who wait

Just like any healthy habit, reaping optimal results will take time. So, whatever supplement/product you choose, try to view your quest for healthier, stronger hair as a journey.

Trust us, it’s worth the wait :)

Xo, beauties!