Selenium can help prevent dandruff

Sheth RA. A comparison of miconazole nitrate and selenium disulfide as anti-dandruff agents. International Journal of Dermatology. 1983;22(2):123-125.


ABSTRACT: The anti‐dandruff efficacy of two shampoos containing 2% miconazole nitrate and 2.5% selenium disulfide was compared in 15 subjects and eight subjects, respectively. The antifungal drug, miconazole nitrate, was found to possess anti‐dandruff activity similar to selenium sulfide, a cytostatic compound. For evaluation, techniques of clinical grading and the corneocyte count were used and the latter was found inaccurate. Instead, clinical assessment by grading the severity, supplemented by cytodiagnosis by smear examination was found more helpful. The latter helps to evaluate both the altered pathophysiologic and microbial factors operating in a given case of dandruff, which is a symptom complex brought about by multiple etiologic factors.

Selenium is an important component of cellular antioxidant defenses and may protect against uv radiation induced damage to skin cells

McKenzie RC. Selenium, ultraviolet radiation and the skin. Clinical and Experimental Dermatology. 2000;25(8):631-636.


Selenium (Se) is a dietary trace mineral in which there has recently been a surge of interest, in both the popular and the scientific press, because of its demonstrated anti‐carcinogenic and anti‐inflammatory properties in humans. In this short review, I will explain why Se is an important component of cellular anti‐oxidant defences and review its protective effects against UV radiation‐induced damage to skin cells. Although little is known about whether selenium can protect human skin from UV‐induced damage, clinical studies are underway and the anti‐oxidant may offer considerable benefits.


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