Beautiful Hair From Within

Transform your thinning, dull, lifeless hair...

We believe that having hair you absolutely love shouldn't be hard or time consuming. That's why we are committed to simplifying your beauty routine with science backed products to restore the strong, healthy, beautiful hair you deserve!

Hair Love was created by Kaley Sparling, former Mrs. World 2013, after she hit a breaking point with her hair.  After losing 6 inches in length due to breakage and her hair starting thin, she started researching everything under the sun and on Pinterest to find a solution for her dilemma. She found there wasn't a product on the market to strengthen and revitalize your hair that was using  vitamins & minerals that have been clinically proven to produce result, in the effective amount and highest grade quality.

She knew she had to take matters in to her own hands!  After teaming up with a group of nutritionist and doctors, using effective amounts of high grade, clinically proven vitamins & minerals.... Keratin + Collagen Complex was born! 

Kaley Sparling - Founder of Hair Love & Mrs. World 2013

The Secret for Healthy Hair...

Most of our daily diets don't provide enough of the right nutrition to support healthy, strong hair. When the body is deficient in the vitamins and minerals it needs, the hair and skin cells are the first to be affected and your hair becomes fragile, dull and lifeless. You have probably heard you can tell a lot about your health based on your skin and hair.

That is why we have taken the "inside out" approach, with an easy to take Keratin + Collagen Complex daily supplement. Making it a simple addition to your daily beauty routine to supply your body with the effective amounts of clinically back vitamins and minerals  to transform your hair with only 2 capsules a day!


Each ingredient in our Keratin + Collagen Complex was specifically selected to supplement the body with the building blocks for strong, healthy hair. Extensive studies back each vitamin and mineral proving their ability to produce results and you can rest easy knowing that you are getting the highest quality of each ingredient in the effective amount.


Dubbed the "holy grail of beauty," Cynatine HNS is the world's first solubilized keratin. 

Keratin is the protein that is naturally produce by the body and is the major component in hair, skin and nails. The "super ingredient" Cynatine HNS is different from generic keratin because of its high bioavailability, meaning it is easier for the body to absorb, delivering keratin peptides directly to your hair, skin and nails to repair and protect.

A recent study of 100 women demonstrated after 12 weeks…

80% smoother skin
47% stronger hair
35% decreased hair loss
87% stronger nails
87% shinier and brighter hair

boost hair growth

restore integrity & shine

strengthen & lengthen hair


I was impressed with my results after 2 months, my hair has grown 2 inches and is healthier than ever before! I have tried just about everything to try and get my hair to grow faster and I finally found a solution to my problem! Not only does my hair grow faster than it ever has, it looks healthier and thicker too.

- Jessica M. California

I took Hair Love for 6 weeks.  It was only after not taking it for another 4 weeks that I realized how much it was actually helping. I guess the build up was slow and I didn’t notice the increased growth, strength and shine it was providing my hair and nails.  When I stopped taking it I noticed my hair went back to its thin, brittle state. With stopping and starting again the evidence is very clear to me. I didn’t believe a supplement could have this affect but I am now a believer!


I have been using Hair Love for 5 months and I can literally say that my hair has changed from thick, coarse hair to smoother, silkier hair. It's like it got to my shoulders and refused to go any further, but it's all finally growing, I can honestly say that my hair has grown at least 4 inches in these 5 months and I couldn't be more ecstatic! A very heartfelt and honest thank you to Hair Love!



I want you to be able to Keratin + Collagen Complex for yourself at zero risk to you. I want you to wake up, give yourself some self love by taking HAIR LOVE everyday. I want you to see not only your hair change but your confidence too because I know it works!

That’s why I’m willing to risk my entire reputation by offering you the chance to fall in love with HAIRLOVE with zero risk on your part. If you’re not satisfied for any reason just send back your order - even if it’s empty - and my customer support team will give you a prompt and speedy refund.

Kaley Sparling - Founder of HairLove