• Postpartum Hair Loss Explained

    At least 50% of women experience Telogen Effluvium (aka excessive shedding) postpartum. So, take a look to your left and then your right. One of those fine ladies is right there with you. Maybe not the club you were hoping to join, but take comfort in the fact that you are not alone and PPHL is completely normal (albeit, completely annoying).
  • Scalp Care for Improved Hair Health

    You may spend a fair amount of time caring for your hair, but how often do you consider your scalp? Often forgotten, but just as important as the rest of your skin, knowing how to care for your scalp can improve your hair’s health and even promote hair growth.
  • Is chronic stress causing your hair loss?

    We’ve all experienced stress. Work deadlines, mounting to-do lists, running kids from school to sports…We even know that some stress is good for you. But then there’s chronic stress. A prolonged state that can be caused by divorce, a death, illness or perhaps a worldwide pandemic. Such unfortunate events can lead to depression, insomnia, appetite changes and even hair loss.
  • Benefits of Silk for Hair and Skin

    You’ve surely heard about the benefits of silk for hair and skin by now. Celebrities swear by their pillowcases. Youtubers rave about their scrunch...

    When it comes to our hair, sometimes we may not realize we’re damaging our hair with our daily habits. Here are 4 simple habits to avoid that will have a big impact on your hairs overall health, length and shine.

    The holidays are officially upon us and if you are anything like me, when it comes to start buying Christmas presents for you loved ones, ...
  • How Heat Protectants Keep Your Hair Growing Strong

    How heat protectants work and why you should still give your hair a heat-styling break every now and again!
  • The Hair-Strengthening Secrets of Spirulina

    Discover the hair-building powers of this blue-green algae, plus get three tasty spirulina recipes to try at home!
  • Will a Natural Sleep Supplement Help You Sleep Better?

    How sleep supplements can help you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and awake more refreshed
  • How Self-Isolation Can Help Your Hair

    7 Tips to help keep your hair even healthier in self-isolation, plus 3 whimsical DIY hairstyles for those quick trips out
  • 5 Ways Silk Will Enhance Your Beauty Sleep

    More than luxury – How sleeping on silk can bolster the health of your hair and skin
  • What is Collagen and Why is it Good for Hair?

    Common questions about collagen answered