Treat Yo’ Self — Self-Care Ideas to Pamper Your Hair and Skin

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re a fan of the holiday or not, it’s still a great excuse for a little extra pampering. Self-care is big for giving your body a reset and helping reduce stress, which is a major bummer for your hair and overall health. When your body is under too much stress, it triggers the release of hormones like cortisol, which can disrupt both hair follicles and skin cells. 

In terms of your hair, elevated cortisol levels often lead to increased hair shedding and a slowdown in your hair growth cycle. Not to mention stress can worsen existing scalp conditions like dandruff or psoriasis. 

For the skin, stress compromises the skin's natural barrier function and leads to inflammation and sensitivity. This can manifest as breakouts, redness, or flare-ups of conditions like eczema or rosacea.

That’s where a self-care day comes in! Practicing stress management and self-care is not only great for your mental well-being but for maintaining healthy and vibrant hair and skin. So let’s show your body some love! I’ll go over different ways to pamper your skin and hair this week and soak in some positive vibes. 

 Or, in other words… it’s time to treat yo’ self! 


Self-Care Ideas for Skin and Hair to Fall in Love with


Immerse yourself in the serenity of an at-home spa experience with a luxurious bath. First, set the mood and light the space with the calming glow of candles. Try chamomile or lavender candles for a relaxing aroma. Next, enhance the soothing properties of your bath with aromatherapy. Add a few drops of your best essential oils to the tub, whether it's eucalyptus, lavender, or lemon. Once you’re soaking in the tub, enjoy your favorite audiobook, book, movie, music, or podcast to complete the experience. After your bath, you can wrap yourself in comfort with a plush hair towel, such as our Luxury Hair Towel. The soft microfiber feels amazing while protecting your hair from any damage. 

Best of all, baths are something you can repeat frequently as a self-care activity. They provide time for mindful relaxation, stress reduction, and a pause from the demands of the week. Baths are the perfect way to kick off a self-care day! 

Face Mask 

Enjoy your Valentine's Day week with the rejuvenating benefits of a face mask. First, you need to set the tone for this self-care activity. Make sure to choose a mask that caters to your skin's unique needs, whether it's a hydrating mask for added moisture or a detoxifying option for a revitalizing treatment. Masks enriched with natural elements such as aloe vera, clay, or honey offer a sensorial experience that elevates your skin care routine

As you bask in the calming experience, let the mask nourish and revitalize your skin, leaving you with a radiant glow. Complete this self-care activity by following up with your favorite moisturizer, which seals in the benefits of the mask and enhances your overall experience. Our Nourish + Repair Serum, made of 100% argan oil, is a wonderful moisturizer for both hair and skin.

Hair Mask

Why stop at a face mask? A hair mask gives your hair some much needed TLC and helps promote vibrant hair. Choose or make masks enriched with natural ingredients like aloe vera, argan oil, coconut milk, or keratin to transform your hair from roots to ends. These ingredients help by calming the scalp, deep conditioning, strengthening strands, and more. Once you apply the hair mask, kick back, relax, and enjoy your favorite book or movie as the mask works its magic. Then, revel in the softness and luster of your revitalized locks.

Learn how to make an at-home aloe hair mask 

Learn how to make an at-home argan oil hair mask 

Mindfulness Exercises

What goes hand-in-hand with self-care is mindfulness, or living in the present moment. It’s been known to boost mood, positivity, and relaxation. Lots of exercises can help with mindfulness, and two of my favorites to talk about are meditation and yoga. For meditation, find a quiet space, focus on your breathing, and let go of any outside distractions. This will help you take a breather from any anxiety or stress and ground yourself. 

Right alongside that is yoga. Not only does yoga enhance physical flexibility and strength but also cultivates a calm mindset and self-reflection. Whether you're a novice or a pro, the synergy of yoga poses and controlled breathing can be a wonderful way to practice self-care and take time for yourself. Both of these exercises — and other mindfulness exercises like them — can work in your daily routine to infuse more relaxation into your life. 

Scalp Massage

Everyone loves a good massage, right? A scalp massage feels indulgent while enhancing blood circulation, vital for your hair to get its nutrients. This self-care activity not only pampers your scalp but also promotes a healthy environment for luscious locks. Begin by choosing a nourishing oil, like lavender or rosemary, and then gently massage the oil into your scalp. 

To take it up a notch, you can also use a scalp massage tool, like our Detox Scalp Massager. Along with promoting blood circulation, it helps remove build-up from products, sweat, and sebum. This helps keep your scalp healthy and clean, which is so important for hair growth. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it feels heavenly against your scalp! To really enjoy the experience, you may want to ask your valentine to help, or to even throw in a classic back massage!

Time in Nature

Why did time in nature make the list for self-care? Well, nature has incredible natural healing and relaxing powers. A 2019 study found that spending at least 120 minutes in nature per week can significantly boost health and well-being, from improved sleep to less stress. Seeking out green spaces, whether in local parks or your own backyard, can help you unwind. And since both lack of sleep and excess stress are major factors in hair and skin issues, it also indirectly helps support those two areas. 

So find time to get outside, whether it be a walk outside, a hike, a bike ride, sunbathing, etc. Focus on being present and listening to the sounds of nature, like the rustling of leaves or warmth of the sun. For a Valentine’s date idea, you can have a picnic outside, or go for a nature walk together. Whatever you choose to do, getting outside will have tons of benefits for your health! 

Unplug from Screens

Did you know the average person spends over 5 hours on their phone every day? Phones are so useful and a great way to connect with friends and family, regardless of distance. But on the flip side, too much scrolling on social media can actually hurt your self-esteem and mood. And all that blue light exposure late at night may negatively impact your sleep cycle, which is bad news for your skin and hair health. 

So sometimes the best gift you can give yourself is unplugging from your phone and other devices. Take a break from scrolling and connect face-to-face with loved ones, friends, and even just yourself. Without any distractions or constantly checking for messages, you can relax and recenter yourself. Even small breaks from screens can do wonders for your sleep quality, mental health, and overall well-being. 

Check out our full guide on how to unplug and support better sleep for hair growth

There you have it — my top tips to lean into self-care this week and put your health first, while enjoying a little “me” time. Whether you have a personal self-care day or a Galentine’s night, I hope you can relax and enjoy it! Celebrate Valentine's week by showing your hair and skin the love it deserves!

XO, Kaley