I’m the creator of HAIRLOVE, former Mrs World and most importantly I’m a mother…

As women, our hair is such a huge part of our identity.

One of the most terrifying moments in my life was the day I thought I was going to lose all of my hair. I remember standing shellshocked in the shower as I held clumps of my hair in my hands.

I knew it was normal to lose SOME hair every time I brushed or shaped it, but to see it coming out like that... In big, thick, chunks... I felt completely and utterly devastated.

With the help and support of my amazing husband and my beautiful children and my background in nutrition, my desperation led me to discover a unique combination of scientifically proven breakthrough ingredients that, combined together, created a recipe for "Guaranteed Growth." I began to test this product myself, taking this unique blend of natural ingredients consistently.

I Was Shocked At
The Result.

For the first time in my life, I could grow my hair past my collarbone. People began to take notice and ask if I had hair extensions. They were surprised to find out my results came from some simple power-packed ingredients that I formulated into 1 product.

If you ask me why I believe in my products so much, it's because I have BEEN THERE. I've been in desperation mode just trying to get my confidence back. My results are my WHY. I want as many other women as I can to experience this breakthrough.

It's more than just a hair transformation, it has transformed the way I show up for my friends, family, business, every single aspect. I want you to love yourself, and love your hair. And if the results from tiny little (but power packed) vitamins can do that for you, I will do everything I can to get that into YOUR hands. You deserve it.

Love Yourself, Love Your Hair.
Kaley Sparling - Founder of Hair Love & Mrs. World 2013

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