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The HAIRLOVE story...

As women, our hair is such a huge part of our identity. 

One of the most terrifying moments in my life was the day I thought I was going to lose all of my hair. I remember standing shellshocked in the shower as I held clumps of my hair in my hands.

I knew it was normal to lose SOME hair every time I brushed or shaped it, but to see it coming out like that... In big, thick, chunks... I felt completely and utterly devastated.

With the help and support of my amazing husband and my beautiful children and my background in nutrition, my desperation led me to discover a unique combination of scientifically proven breakthrough ingredients that, combined together, created a recipe for "Guaranteed Growth." I began to test this product myself, taking this unique blend of natural ingredients consistently.

I was shocked at the result.

For the first time in my life, I could grow my hair past my collarbone. People began to take notice and ask if I had hair extensions. They were surprised to find out my results came from some simple power-packed ingredients that I formulated into 1 product.

If you ask me why I believe in my products so much, it's because I have BEEN THERE. I've been in desperation mode just trying to get my confidence back. My results are my WHY. I want as many other women as I can to experience this breakthrough.

It's more than just a hair transformation, it has transformed the way I show up for my friends, family, business, every single aspect. I want you to love yourself, and love your hair. And if the results from tiny little (but power packed) vitamins can do that for you, I will do everything I can to get that into YOUR hands. You deserve it.

Love Yourself, Love Your Hair.


Kaley Sparling - Founder of Hair Love & Mrs. World 2013

Why Choose HAIRLOVE?


We are committed to only the highest quality ingredients, manufactured in the USA in a FDA regulated facility. All of our formulas are third party tested for potency and accuracy.


We provide all the studies proving the effectiveness of each ingredient and all of our products are backed by our One Year Growth Guarantee.

Growth Guarantee

If at any point in the next 12 months you're not totally satisfied with your results, just let us know! We'll give you a full refund... no questions asked! * Read full refund policy here

You deserve HAIR you LOVE.

Because it's more than just hair... it's a feeling.
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