Hair Love Story...

Hey there beauty!

Welcome to HAIR LOVE!  I am Kaley Sparling, creator of Hair Love and I am so excited you have stopped by.  I am a busy mom of two of the cutest kids in the world, wife and former Mrs. World 2013. Hair Love is SO much more than a product to transform your hair....My mission in life is to empower women to step into fierce self love and have great hair while doing it!
In 2016 I hit a major breaking point with my hair...It's was thinning, constantly breaking and had completely stopped growing! As silly as it sounds and hard to admit, my confidence had plummeted and cleaning chunks of hair out of my brush and drain it was only making it worse.  I would look in the mirror while getting ready and sometime not recognize myself. I couldn't take it anymore...
I started researching everything under the sun and on Pinterest, only to find that there wasn't a product that was using the vitamins & minerals that I found in countless studies that would work in strengthening my hair, reduce the shedding and help it start growing again.
I knew I had to take matters into my own hands and create my own solution!  After teaming up with a group of nutritionist and doctors and our Keratin + Collagen Complex was born!   
But the BIGGER vision for Hair Love is that everyday you will be doing something "with love" for yourself as you use your products more toward more self love everyday!
I love sharing products with women and helping them get the hair that they deserve all while boost their confidence and self love at the same time!  
Kaley Sparling - Founder of Hair Love & Mrs. World 2013