3 Key Vitamins for Healthy, Glowing Skin

We’ve always been told to take our vitamins, but have you ever stopped and wondered, why? There are 13 essential vitamins our bodies need to stay healthy and in good working order, and while you should be doing all you can to get these into your body,  there are three key vitamins to remember to keep your skin smooth, bright and healthy.

When it comes to our skin, vitamins A, C and E are known for their repairing, replenishing and protecting qualities. They’re found in a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, and it’s easy as A, C, E, to incorporate more into your diet!

The best vitamins for healthy, glowing skin

Vitamin A

Vitamin A gets an A+ in our books. Not only does it support a healthy immune system, promote good eyesight, and help form and maintain healthy teeth and tissues, vitamin A helps keep our skin healthy, smooth and beautiful.

There are two forms of vitamin A: 

  • Retinoids: that stimulate new cell production and collagen (a type of connective tissue that keeps our skin firm).
  • Carotenoids: (specifically, beta-carotene) which prevents cell damage, premature skin ageing because of their antioxidant qualities.

  • What all this means is that vitamin A keeps skin soft, firm and moisturized while safeguarding against the ageing effects of free radicals.

    Vitamin A (retinoid) rich foods:
    • Eggs
    • Dairy products (whole milk, butter, cheddar cheese)
    • Fish and certain seafood (salmon, shrimp)
    • Animal liver (beef, cod liver oil)
    Vitamin A (carotenoid) rich foods:
    • Carrots and sweet potatoes
    • Tomatoes
    • Leafy green vegetables
    • Fresh, colorful fruits (mangoes, apricots, plums, red and yellow peppers)
    Topical vitamin A (retinol)

    Because our skin is a retinoid-responsive organ, it can readily absorb vitamins when applied topically – which is true for all the vitamins covered here. Topically applied retinol helps our skin by:

    • Calming inflammation (such as breakouts)
    • Reversing sun damage
    • Diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles

    Vitamin C

    Another super-powered immune system bolsterer and antioxidant, vitamin C is crucial in protecting the skin from oxidative stress (an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in your body). It’s also key in regulating collagen synthesis in the skin, keeping cell structure strong and even healing damaged skin.

    All this means vitamin C will keep your skin bright, firm, and replenished.

    Vitamin C rich foods:
    • Citrus fruits (oranges, limes, lemons)
    • Strawberries
    • Tomatoes
    • Bell peppers
    • Broccoli
    • Brussels sprouts
    • Other green veggies
    Topical vitamin C

    Applied topically, such as in a serum, vitamin C helps our skin by: 

    • Reversing premature ageing of the skin as a result of UV rays
    • Diminishing the look of age spots (hyperpigmentation)
    • Revitalize the look of skin

    Vitamin E

    Yet another antioxidant (noticing the trend?), vitamin E helps neutralize environmental free radicals that cause ageing skin. It’s also an anti-inflammatory and works to absorb damaging UV energy, helping to prevent wrinkles and sagging skin. Vitamin E is a team player, protecting vitamin A from damage and keeping the levels up, Finally, this versatile vitamin can help tame inflammation such as breakouts, leaving your skin healthy and clear.

    In short, vitamin E smooths, calms, and protects your skin.

    Vitamin E rich foods:
    • Wheat germ oil
    • Safflower oil
    • Sunflower seeds
    • Almonds
    • Hazelnuts
    • Leafy green vegetables

    Topical Vitamin E

    Applied topically, Vitamin E helps to:

    • Moisturize and prevent skin from drying out
    • Calm irritation
    • Reduce UV damage

    A-C-E your vitamins!

    It’s easy to get lost in the ‘C’ of vitamins out there ;). So, for a good starting point, be sure to get vitamins A, C, and E into your diet, and try them topically! They’ll help keep your skin smooth, soft and protected from the inside out!

    Photo by Park Street on Unsplash