Beauty Sleep Complex
Beauty Sleep Complex
Beauty Sleep Complex
Beauty Sleep Complex

Beauty Sleep Complex

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Beauty Sleep is a natural sleep formula helps you fall asleep fast, stay asleep, wake rested & refreshed.

Poor sleep quality not only affects our skin and energy levels but the overall health of our hair. Quality sleep is needed for the release of growth hormones and enzymes needed for healthy hair. When we have quality sleep it lowers our stress levels which is directly related to hair loss and our body produces Melatonin which has been shown to increase hair growth.  

Made with non-habit forming ingredients that actually work, our beauty sleeps helps you fall asleep fast and wake up refreshed.

Take just one capsule 30-60 minutes before bedtime.


  • Wake up refreshed and enjoy enhanced mental clarity & focus
  • Better sleep helps lower stress levels and improves your mood
  • Researchers have found that restful sleep is associated with a healthier metabolism, overall health and promotes hair growth
  • Uses all natural ingredients to support your sleep, mood, metabolism, energy, and mental clarity
  • Easy to take capsule works quickly to soothe you to sleep