Kaley's Hair Loss Journey

My hair was coming out in globs...

For a lot of women, myself included, underlying health issues spell serious problems for your hair.

In the last 2 years, a few of my ongoing health problems came to a head.

I had two different surgeries, including a major internal surgery.

Due to some complications, my hair became dry and brittle from root to end.

It was literally coming out in globs.

I made this video to tell you a little bit more about those complications…and how they affected me.

Hopefully you’re not dealing with any serious health concerns…

…but perhaps you can learn something from my experience.

- Kaley Sparling, Founder of Hair Love

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Customer Reviews


"I am 42 years old and I am all in when it comes to life and want to maintain my youth as long as possible and that includes my long hair! My hair breaks off at the ends. Since starting Hair Love I find that my ends are getting stronger and my hair is growing. As I have gotten older my hair has also started to thin and I can feel little baby hair starting to grow!

I have tried similar products to Hair Love but honestly stopped taking them as they made me feel nauseous. I was a bit reluctant but took the plunge and signed up for the free trial. Good news is no nausea with Hair Love so this is a product I can stick with and no bad after taste either, which is a BONUS!"

- Mandi F. | Chandler, AZ


"After I had my son I experienced that dreaded post-pregnancy hair loss and I was looking for something to restore my hair back to it’s pre-pregnancy health and thickness. I was so impressed with how quickly I saw results, Hair Love is exactly what I was hoping for!"

- Ashley C.