HAIRLOVE is our breakthrough, scientifically-proven hair supplement.

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Using our "Guaranteed Growth Formula", we've put together the highest quality, evidence backed ingredients we could find, into a simple, natural supplement that can help women grow longer, thicker, healthier hair than ever before...

No matter how dry, brittle, weak or thin your hair has gotten - HAIRLOVE can help.

Hi! I'm Kaley Sparling... I'm the creator of HAIRLOVE, former Mrs World and most importantly I'm a mother...

As women, our hair is such a huge part of our identity.

One of the most terrifying moments in my life was the day I thought I was going to lose all of my hair. I remember standing shellshocked in the shower as I held clumps of my hair in my hands.

I knew it was normal to lose SOME hair every time I brushed or shaped it, but to see it coming out like that... In big, thick, chunks... I felt completely and utterly devastated.

With the help and support of my amazing husband and my beautiful children and my background in nutrition, my desperation led me to discover a unique combination of scientifically proven breakthrough ingredients that, combined together, created a recipe for "Guaranteed Growth." I began to test this product myself, taking this unique blend of natural ingredients consistently.

I was shocked at the result.

For the first time in my life, I could grow my hair past my collarbone. People began to take notice and ask if I had hair extensions. They were surprised to find out my results came from some simple power-packed ingredients that I formulated into 1 product.

If you ask me why I believe in my products so much, it's because I have BEEN THERE. I've been in desperation mode just trying to get my confidence back. My results are my WHY. I want as many other women as I can to experience this breakthrough.

It's more than just a hair transformation, it has transformed the way I show up for my friends, family, business, every single aspect. I want you to love yourself, and love your hair. And if the results from tiny little (but power packed) vitamins can do that for you, I will do everything I can to get that into YOUR hands. You deserve it.

XOXO - Kaley Sparling

Why Choose Hairlove?

Good for you

We use only the highest quality ingredients, sourced here in the USA and manufactured in a FDA regulated facility.

Made to perform

Our breakthrough formula was formulated using scientifically backed ingredients with the recommended amounts to produce results.

100% transparency

We provide all the studies proving the effectiveness of each ingredient and all of our products our backed by our One Year Growth Guarantee.

What is in HAIRLOVE?

HAIRLOVE is a blend of proven nutrients and vitamins that help you grow healthier hair and have a healthier scalp.

The 3 most important ingredients are Cynatine HNS, Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen & Super-Absorbable Biotin.

All 3 have been scientifically proven to be easily absorbable by the body, and help improve scalp health, reduce hair loss, and improve hair growth and health.

It's the same formula our founder Kaley Sparling used a few years ago to rescue her hair after it started falling out in clumps - and she still uses it every day to keep her hair and scalp healthy. You can read more about her story here.

Our key ingredient CYNATINE HNS

Our hair is made up of 95% Keratin which is why our key ingredient in our Keratin + Collagen Complex is patented nutrient, Cynatine HNS.

Cynatine HNS is the most bioavailable form of Keratin which means it's easily broken down so your body can effortlessly absorb it. Our flagship formula floods your fine, fragile hair with super-usable Keratin, helping it grow long, thick and healthy again

In a placebo controlled randomized clinical trial, participants taking 500 mg of Cynatine HNS per day for 90 days reported:

  • 47% less hair loss
  • 6% improvement in hair strength
  • 47.1% visibly brighter hair
  • 95% of the women in the study who took Cynatine HNS for 3 months saw improvements!

While the participants in the placebo group saw no change in their Hair Growth Cycle, the researchers said that the women taking Cynatine HNS saw a SIGNIFICANT 9% improvement in their hair growth ratio.

The HAIRLOVE Standard

We make our products using only science backed, highest quality ingredients. Source and manufactured in the USA.

When it comes to the strength and growth of our hair, adequate dosage of Vitamin C is vital. Vitamin C helps build collagen and plays a necessary role in absorbing iron, which keeps our locks strong and healthy. Because Vitamin C is water-soluble our bodies don’t store it or accumulate too much of it in our systems, which is why daily intake is highly important in the health of our hair.

Vitamin E is a rich antioxidant that acts as a safeguard against damage to your hair follicles and assists in the healing and protecting process of your hair. It is also imperative for proper blood and oxygen circulation, which ultimately promotes healthy hair growth. Together Vitamin E and C help improve hair strength and elasticity. Vitamin E is also very beneficial for your skin and helps with fine lines and wrinkles.

Biotin, or Vitamin b7, is an essential ingredient in the production of healthy hair and nails. Biotin is vital to cell proliferation, which is why it is a valuable tool in hair growth. When ingested, it reacts with cell enzymes and plays a vital role in the production of Keratin, the protein that makes up your hair.

Pantothenic acid, or vitamin b5 is essential for healthy hair. A deficiency of this vitamin can harm your hair follicles and cause thinning. Maintaining proper levels of pantothenic acid can strengthen hair follicles and their associated cells, contributing to proper nourishment, function and growth.

Zinc has many roles in the body. It is believed to play a critical role in RNA and DNA production and balancing hormone levels. These functions are necessary for proper cell division of hair follicle cells and steady hair growth. Deficiency can lead to deterioration of the protein structure of hair follicles, which can result in hair loss.

Selenium is a trace mineral with Antioxidant properties. A deficiency in selenium can inhibit natural growth and cause thinning and brittleness of the hair. Selenium works with enzymes to remove free radicals in the body that are believed to be a major cause of premature aging and weakened hair follicles.

Cynatine HNS is a revolutionary cosmeceutical ingredient comprised of Solubilized Keratin, a protein found naturally in the body. Cynatine HNS supplements the body with bioavailable keratin which aids in protecting and repairing damaged Hair, Nails and Skin. Cynatine HNS is clinically proven to be effective at 500mg per day.

Collagen is responsible for giving your hair it's strength and your skin its elasticity. This protein is essential to healthy, vibrant looking hair, skin and nails. As we age our natural collagen production declines. Taking collagen in supplement form that has been hydrolyzed is believed to have greater bioavailability. This process results in smaller, intact amino acid chains your body can then use as building blocks for beauty.



We believe that having healthy, gorgeous hair that makes you feel confident and your best self, shouldn't cost you a fortune.

We are so confident that you're going to see amazing results, that all of our HAIRLOVE products are backed by our One Year Growth Guarantee!

Put simply...

We guarantee - if you take two capsules of HAIRLOVE a day, everyday, you're going to see growth, thickness and healthy hair.

If at any point in the next 12 months you're not totally satisfied with your results, just let us know!

We'll give you a full questions asked!

XOXO - Kaley Sparling

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HAIRLOVE is designed for busy women who have trouble getting all the nutrients their hair needs into their daily diet.

But – truth is these ingredients can help ANYONE grow thicker, healthier and longer hair.