3 Full-Body At-Home Workouts Fit for a Snow Day

As magical as that falling snow can be, it can hinder your workout routine… especially if you like getting outdoors for some fresh air and movement!

While braving a blustery, blizzardy day to get your steps in can be exhilarating, those wind-chilled frozen temperatures can send even the hardiest of us retreating back indoors, our ‘scarves’ between our legs.

But waiting out the cold weather isn’t an option, so your next choice? An indoor workout routine. Even if you don’t have a lot of space – or even much equipment, there are still plenty of workout routines you can do at home to burn off those ‘Christmas calories’ ;).

So when the snow is flying, the wind is howling, and your street looks like a deserted winter-apocalypse, you can take comfort in the fact that your exercise routine won’t miss a beat!

3 At-home workouts for a snowy winter day

First things first, while you don’t need equipment, there are a couple of items you should grab if you have them:

  • Yoga or exercise mat
  • Water bottle topped up with ice-cold water
  • A pump-you-up playlist with your favorite, high energy songs
  • Hair Love's Nourish + Repair Serum to use as a hair mask!
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    1. 10-Minute Full-Body Power Yoga by Sarah Beth Yoga

    2. 20-Minute Full-Body Workout by MadFit


    3. 30-Minute Full-Body Power Yoga by Sarah Beth Yoga

    The benefits of exercising at home

    Not only will you get those feel-good endorphins pumping through your body, but you are also getting great benefits from exercising at home like:

    • Instant stress relief
    • Saves you money on gym fees
    • Sets a healthy example for the whole family

    Never miss a beat with an at-home workout routine!

    Whatever the weather decides to do, you can keep on moving through it feeling happy, healthy and strong. Repeat these workout routines on the daily, or try out some new ones to target specific areas in your body.

    Have fun and we wish you a high-energy, stress-free week, beauty!

    Feature photo by Dane Wetton on Unsplash

    Videos by Sarah Beth Yoga and MadFit