7 Visible Hair Transformations You'll See After Taking Cynatine HNS

Hey beauty!

You’ve probably heard me talk (at length!) about our superstar hair-growth ingredient, Cynatine HNS.

I rave about it for good reason, I promise!

Years back, when I was researching which vitamins to use in our HAIRLOVE Growth Complex, I only wanted ingredients scientifically proven to jumpstart healthy new hair growth.

When I came across Cynatine HNS – specifically, how it’s an effective supplement for improving hair and nails in 90 days or less – I knew this ingredient was the game changer I’d been looking for.

Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed when I tried Cynatine HNS out myself!

Cynatine HNS is the superstar ingredient that helped give me my hair back˄˄

What does Cynatine HNS do to your hair?

Cynatine HNS is a patented form of keratin, the protein your body needs to build stronger hair, skin and nails.

At the cellular level, your body uses Cynatine HNS to help rebuild and repair your hair structure.

Sounds great... but what does this actually make your hair look like?

7 visible hair transformations from using Cynatine HNS

1. Silky smooth texture

Cynatine HNS is a natural protein that binds with hair strands, forming a protective shield around each hair cuticle. This shield not only safeguards your hair from environmental damage (free-radicals, etc.) it also smooths your hair’s surface, effectively reducing roughness and frizz. This means your hair feels softer, smoother and less tangled!

2. Brilliant shine

When your hair cuticles are smooth and protected from Cynatine HNS, your hair is naturally more reflective to light – giving you a diamond-like shine wherever you go! This gives your hair a radiant glow that's full of life and vibrance.

3. Less shedding/breakage

Because it's giving your body the essential building blocks for keratin production, Cynatine HNS helps repair (even reverse!) the 4 most common types of hair damage. Not only does this make your hair stronger and healthier, but it means less hair loss in the form of shedding and breakage.

4. Strong, flexy locks

Cynatine HNS fortifies your hair's protein structure, strengthening each hair strand from within and increasing integrity and flexibility. Stronger, elastic hair means it's more resilient to everyday styling and environmental stress (heat, humidity, etc.). That means less split ends and breakage!

5. Full, hydrated hair

Cynatine HNS has a unique ability to attract and retain moisture within your hair shaft. This increased moisture retention helps your hair hold more water, which prevents dryness and brittleness. So, your hair will be fuller, softer, and less prone to breaking or frizzing out!

6. Bouncy, voluminous tresses

As your hair ages, it naturally loses some of its keratin content, leading to decreased elasticity and volume. Cynatine HNS helps to replenish lost keratin and boost the regeneration of healthy new hair cells. This naturally makes your hair more youthful, vivacious, and voluminous!

7. Long, flowing mane

Cynatine HNS keeps your hair in its natural growth phase longer. And, the longer your hair is in its growth means less time is spent in your hair's resting and shedding phases. That means Cynatine HNS will help you see longer, stronger locks that sprout like a fountain!

Jumpstart healthy new hair growth with Cynatine HNS

Cynatine HNS may be our superstar ingredient, but it's not the only star on our hair-growing ingredients team!

When you combine Cynatine HNS with the other natural ingredients in our HAIRLOVE Growth Complex you'll see more hair growth and less breakage and shedding.

It’s why we back HAIRLOVE Growth Complex with our Growth Guarantee˯˯

🌟Growth Guarantee🌟
If at any point in the next 12 months you're not totally satisfied with your results, just let us know! We'll give you a full refund... no questions asked!

Try Cynatine HNS for yourself, and just see the difference in how your hair looks, feels, and grows, beauty!