The Best Teas to Drink for Healthier Hair

Discover teas that thicken, fortify and even boost hair growth!

There’s a reason civilizations around the globe have been drinking tea for centuries – there’s a tea remedy for just about every ailment out there, from stress and pain relief to boosting mental alertness and fortifying our immunities.

Because your friends at Hair Love are always on the lookout for new opportunities to increase overall health and wellness – especially when it comes to our hair – we’ve been taking a close look at the powerful hair benefits associated with drinking more tea.

Whether you’re an avid tea drinker or more of a coffee type, you may just find yourself downing more of tea after you learn all the incredible benefits different teas can bring to your hair!

The top teas to promote healthier hair

Green Tea

Green tea is rich in polyphenols (powerful antioxidants) called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). EGCG has been shown to stimulate hair growth and fight the signs of aging skin, which includes the scalp. Because of this, the compounds in green tea are also thought to help thicken our hair. Talk about mean, green power!

Black Tea

Those polyphenols mentioned above? Well, they’re also loaded with vitamin C and E, key vitamins when it comes to producing softer, shinier hair! Vitamin C and E are also thought to restore and strengthen dry, damaged hair and even protect it from the sun’s UV rays.

Are you a brunette?

  • Try a black tea soak to add some rich luster to that glorious mane!

Hibiscus Tea

Believed to stimulate hair follicles, increase follicle size and boost hair growth, hibiscus tea covers the trifecta when it comes to healthier hair! Hibiscus flowers are bright and vibrant, and often combined with rose hips, another healthy herbal flower known to naturally bolster immunities. The result is a bright and delicious, floral tea!

Pine Needle Tea

Commonly used as herbal medicine in East Asian countries, pine needle tea is very high in antioxidants and vitamin A and C – nutrients known for preventing hair loss and fighting back against dandruff. Pine needle extract has also been shown to increase hair follicle size and even promote hair growth.

Rooibos Tea

Yet another antioxidant powerhouse, red tea is enriched with important minerals like zinc, copper, potassium and calcium – all known for their role in strengthening hair and boosting hair growth!

Are you a red-head?

Try a rooibos tea soak to infuse color and depth into those fiery locks!

Chamomile Tea

This soothing tea is great for calming the mind and relaxing the body. It’s important to take downtime and rejuvenate so your body can stay healthy, and that means your hair will grow healthier too!

Are you a blonde?

  • Try a chamomile tea soak to increase shine and brighten up those natural highlights!

Tea’s most important ingredient

Arguably the most important part of any tea is the water it’s steeped in. Water keeps our bodies and (therefore our hair) properly hydrated. And proper hydration means every cell in our bodies have more to work with, making our skin and our hair healthier and more flexible! Keep in mind that caffeinated teas (green and black tea) act as diuretics, and so if you drink too much of these, they can actually dehydrate you, working against your efforts. So be sure to incorporate more herbal teas than caffeinated ones into your diet!

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We’re just scratching the surface as to what’s best for the health of your hair! For an in-depth guide to keeping your hair its healthiest (and therefore its happiest), grab our free download: The Ultimate Guide to Happier Healthier Hair!

And keep teasing that hair with the best teas out there! ;)


Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash