Winter Hair Care: Essential Tips to Prevent Frozen Hair

As much as we all want hair like the Disney Princess, Elsa, it’s not all magic swirls and bouncy, healthy hair when the cold weather hits. In fact, your hair is much more vulnerable to breakage when (baby) it’s cold outside – especially if you expose wet hair to sub-zero temperatures.

Frozen hair… it’s not that bad, is it?

It happens – you’re in a rush and burst outside with damp or wet hair. You walk to work, to your car, to the store, and everything seems alright. But when you touch your hair it’s frozen into an icicle – like the one that skewered Christina in Grey’s Anatomy.

While frozen hair might not seem like a big deal, especially after it thaws out, your hair is actually now less pliable and much more susceptible to breakage – especially if your hair is curlier… like Christina’s. Ok enough of that reference!

What happens when your hair freezes?

Our hair is porous and so it easily absorbs and holds water. Since water expands when it freezes, all those expanding water molecules stress and stretch your hair cells to their limits. Have you ever left a can of soda or beer inside a freezer? When the drink freezes, the water expands and bursts the can, leaving a huge mess. Fortunately, our hair is much more pliable than an aluminum can, but even so, that expanding water still does damage.

Tips to avoid frozen hair (tips)

The simplest tip is: never expose damp or wet hair to cold weather. But, life is never that easy, is it? So, here are some simple tips you can implement today to help avoid frozen hair and the damage it can cause:

Shower at night

This has the added bonus of giving your hair more volume in the morning! After showering, carefully squeeze out the excess water from your hair, then use a microfiber towel to absorb as much as you can before you hit the hay. If for some reason you don’t have a towel, a cotton t-shirt is a great alternative too!

Seal in your hair cuticle with natural oils

Keep your hair strong by deep conditioning and sealing it with a healthy, natural oil like argan oil. Argan oil also helps your hair to dry faster, so it’s great to use if you’re in a hurry and waiting for your hair to dry.
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Wear a hat

If you must leave the house while your hair is still damp, then make sure you wear a thick hat and tuck up any loose strands so they won’t freeze. This is also a helpful tip if you plan on hot-tubbing in the cold!

Whoops, your hair has already been frozen… Tips to repair that hair

If you live in an area where the temperature plummets below zero, you’ve probably experienced freezing damage – even if you don’t know it. If your hair has already been frozen this winter season, try out these simple tips to help repair any of the damage done.

Use hydrating serums and leave-in conditioners

Strengthen and repair your hair and lock-in moisture with hydration serums and deep conditioners. Argan oil is also a great hair-repair solution!
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Use natural oils

Smooth some avocado oil into your hair tips to help strengthen and bind split ends. Avocado oil is rich in vitamin E and even acts as a bit of a sunscreen, which is helpful when that sun reflects off the snow (which can still cause sunburn).

Stay hydrated

Be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated (at least 8, 8oz glasses per day). This gives your body the ability to keep all of your cells properly hydrated – including your hair cells.

Keep that hair un-Frozen this winter season!

With these tips, you can make it through winter with happier, healthier hair – just as fabulous as Elsa’s, but without the frostbite!

Feature photo by Igor Stepanov on Unsplash