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Wetbrush Versus Denman Hair Brush

It’s an age-old question: Which hairbrush is the best for your hair?

With so many options to choose from, it can feel a little overwhelming… so we’ll start with a quick look at two very popular ones: The Denman Brush and the Wetbrush.

With their ultra flexy bristles, they’re both designed to gently detangle hair – but which one does a better job? Is one more gentle than the other?

Let’s take a look at each!

Denman Hair Brush key points

Denman hairbrushes have been around since the late 1930's but it wasn’t until renowned British hairstylist, Vidal Sassoon, used it to style the iconic asymmetrical bob in the 60's when it exploded in popularity with the public. Since then, the Denman brush has been a staple in bathrooms everywhere, helping ‘define and shine’ thick, tight curls to fine, sleek locks!

Features & benefits

  • Nylon quill bristles (no ball-tips) – zero snags and cuts down on brushing time
  • Air-cushioned pad – for flexible, tear-free/tangle-free brushing
  • Proven design – defines natural hair shape and texture, creating a smooth, glossy finish
  • Gently and evenly distributes products (such as conditioner) throughout hair
  • Can be used on wet or dry hair, and helps shape and define all hair types – especially when used in conjunction with a hair dryer
  • Ergo-friendly and higher-quality design – making it the typically more expensive option

Wetbrush key points

purple wetbrush

Designed in 2010 by Jeff Rosenzweig, a father of three daughters, the Wetbrush is a relatively new creation focused on detangling wet hair and saving the user from painful brush strokes and annoying breakage. After experimenting with all types of brushes, Rosenzweig found a common design theme: flexible bristles, floating cushions and ball-tipped bristles.

Features & benefits

  • Patented IntelliFlex (thin, strong) ball-tipped bristles
  • Air-cushioned pad
  • Designed for use on wet or damp hair
  • Detangles hair with minimal breakage
  • Evenly distributes products throughout hair
  • Lightweight design – making it the often cheaper choice

Key differences between Wetbrush and Denman Brush

Overall, both of these hairbrushes offer users a gentler way to smooth tangles out of hair, but there are a few key differences, including:

  • Due to its lack of ball-tips (which can occasionally snag hair) and overall bristle design, the Denman Hair Brush is the gentler option compared to a Wetbrush
  • The Denman brush is a better styling tool as it works well to build shape and definition
  • The Denman Hair Brush can generally be more expensive, but (we think) better designed and better made

The bottom line

In our books, the Denman Hair Brush is the better choice for safe hair brushing. We’ve tried a ton of brushes and, in our opinion, nothing comes close to how the Denman Hair Brush performs both in gentleness and styling! Not only does it offer gentle, tear-free detangling, but it also helps create more shape and definition – no matter your hair type and style!

It's why we choose to sell it at HAIRLOVE. You can buy our Denman Hair Brush here.

However, regardless of whichever brush you prefer, you’re going to notice a big difference with detangling your hair. If you're still unconvinced as to which option is best, we encourage you to try out both types of hairbrushes to see which brush works best for you.

Happy brushing, beauty!

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