6 Essential Summer Hair Care Tips: Keep Your Locks Shining All Season

There’s nothing better than enjoying those soaring summer temperatures, floating lazily in the pool, without a cloud in the sky – the hot sun on your skin and a cold drink in your hand. 

But when you catch your reflection and see your hair has exploded into a ball of frizz and is suddenly crisp as a potato chip from those intense summer rays, that cloudless blue summer sky can feel suddenly filled with dark clouds of dread.

Duh, duh, duuuuuh.

Before you take cover from that glorious sunshine, there are some simple tips and tricks for keeping that mane healthy, despite the intensity of the summer heat and UV rays.

The two most important steps you can take to keep that hair healthy and glorious this summer season are: Nourish and Protect your hair.

3 Tips to nourish your hair this summer

1. Eat a diet rich in healthy fruits and veggies

Just like the rest of your body, your hair needs proper nourishment to grow strong. Just like protein helps grow muscles, the vitamins and nutrients in fruits and veggies strengthen your hair.


  • Berries – packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, berries are great for boosting collagen levels, aiding in iron absorption and protecting hair follicles from free-radicals in the environment. For best results, eat a handful every day.
  • Mangoes – high in the mineral silica, a component of connective tissue which helps to strengthen and promote hair growth. For best results, eat a couple slices after each meal. 
  • Figs – a great source of iron and potassium, great building blocks for your hair. For best results, eat a couple figs every day.
  • Avocado – high in vitamin E, which increases oxygen uptake and improves circulation and blood flow throughout the body – especially to the scalp. For best results, eat one medium avocado two – four times per week.


  • Leafy greens – spinach, swiss chard, cabbage and watercress promote keratin, the essential protein that strengthens hair follicles. For best results, eat 3½ oz (100g) per day.
  • Kelp – packed with iron and amino acids, kelp aids in red-blood cell production and iron absorption, all which helps to prevent hair loss. For best results, eat 0.35 oz (10g) per day. Try in a supplement form if you can’t find fresh kelp! 
  • Soybeans – high in B vitamins and potassium, soybeans are believed to inhibit hair loss. For best results, eat at least one 2½ oz (75g) portion per week.


  • Eggs – super high in protein, eggs are great for boosting collagen production, a protein that helps to preserve hair strength and elasticity. For best results, eat poached, basted or boiled eggs 4 times per week.
  • Flaxseeds – high in omega 3 fatty acids, these tiny seeds help lock in moisture and prevent hair from drying out and breaking. For best results, eat one tablespoon per day in a smoothie, over cereal or in a trail mix snack!
  • Pumpkin seeds – protein-rich and full of zinc, pumpkin seeds enhance immunities and support cellular reproduction which assists in new hair growth. For best results, eat one tablespoon per day. Try roasting and salting them for added flavor!

For even more vitamin and mineral-rich foods to help keep your hair looking its best, download our free ebook, Your Guide to Happier, Healthier Hair!

2. Stay hydrated

To help keep our hair healthy, it’s crucial to stay properly hydrated. When our bodies have enough water, our cells are able to pull all the water they need, making our hair follicles healthy and more flexible. For best results, try to drink at least 8, 8 oz cups of water per day. You can even spritz in some lemon or lime juice for some fresh summer flavor! 

3. Regularly deep condition

Regularly deep conditioning our hair in the summertime will help to lock in moisture and protect it from the drying effects of the season. Argan oil is a nutrient-rich oil that works wonders for nourishing hair and even repairing damage. [Purchase 100% Argan Oil here] For best results, try to deep condition at least once per week.

3 Tips to protect your hair this summer

1. Safeguard from the sun

Just as our skin needs protection from the sun, so too does our hair. To safeguard your hair from the sun:

  • Use a UV protective leave-in conditioner every day to help lock in moisture and block out those damaging sun rays.
  • Pull your hair into a gentle updo or loose braid to keep moisture in and protect it from frizzing out.
  • Alternate wearing hats (especially when you’ll be outside for longer periods of time) to protect your hair from the sun. This is extra fun because you can pick up some cute new summer styles!

2. Avoid heat styling tools and go for regular trims

A little preemptive planning will go a long way for keeping your hair healthy and beautiful this summer. To keep your hair healthy try to:

  • Avoid using heat styling tools during the hotter summer months to spare your hair from heat damage and from further drying damage.
  • Wash only 1 – 2 times per week to avoid overwashing and stripping your hair of natural oils. Use a natural dry shampoo in between wash days!
  • Comb through hair gently each evening to work those natural scalp oils through your hair. Remember to use a good quality brush to avoid breakage. [Purchase a Denmam Hair Brush here]
  • Book in regular trims with your hair stylist to manage any split ends. The further up those split ends travel, the more length your hairdresser will need to cut off, so this is a super important step, especially for those of us trying to grow out our hair.

3. Practice a protective routine for summer activities

We know you love the water as much as we do! It’s the perfect way to cool off in the heat. ;) But it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re protecting those locks from damage – especially when it comes to chlorinated pools and saltwater.

Before jumping in the pool or ocean be sure to:

  • Wet down your hair with freshwater, then apply a leave-in conditioner. In this way, your hair won’t absorb so much chlorine, saltwater or other impurities/chemicals. 
  • You can even wear a swim cap for added protection.

After leaving the pool or ocean be sure to:

  • Rinse out your hair with freshwater as this will wash away any impurities and will also help to cool down your hair shafts if you’ve been swimming in the direct sunshine.
  • Gently massage your scalp for 30 seconds to help exfoliate your skin cells – this will feel great too! Afterward, apply a leave-in conditioner or hair mask and allow to air dry.

Voila! You’re ready for more fun in the sun!

Enjoy hair as glorious as the sun this summer

By taking the time to nourish and protect your hair, you can fully enjoy your summer without worrying about sun or heat damage to your hair. After all, summer is all about rest and rejuvenation, so make sure the same is true for your hair!

Photo by Maxx Miller on Unsplash