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Can Men Take HAIRLOVE Growth Complex?

Short answer – absolutely men can take our Growth Complex!

Peel back that cute packaging, and you’ll find clean, natural ingredients designed to help hair grow stronger and longer – whether you’re a woman or a man!

However, because our branding is mostly female-focused, it often sparks questions from men (and their partners) who are curious if they can take these small (but mighty!) hair supplements and experience the same, amazing hair growth results, without any consequences.

To answer these questions and concerns for the wonderful men in our lives, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our Growth Complex specifically for men!

Before we dive in, let’s take a quick look at why HAIRLOVE is good for every body.

HAIRLOVE Growth Complex – designed for the human body

There are so many reasons hair loss can happen to both men and women, from nutrient deficiencies, to stress, hormones, and genetics.

The same hair shedding issues affecting women can equally affect men, and this can leave many feeling at a loss when it comes to natural hair growth solutions – especially because hair loss can be such a sensitive topic.

However, as a woman who’s suffered from devastating hair loss, I understand how scary and lonely it feels to experience it.

This challenge also led me to discover the key ingredients to regrow hair thicker and healthier – and it just so happens that those natural ingredients are good for every human body, man or woman.

Now onto some FAQ for our favorite men out there!

How does HAIRLOVE Growth Complex work?

Quite simply, our Growth Complex increases the length of time hair spends in its natural growth cycle (and decreases its shedding cycle) through its natural ingredients, most notably, Cynatine HNS (aka, keratin).

Is it designed only to be taken by women?

Though our branding is largely female-focused, HAIRLOVE Growth Complex is designed to benefit all humans! The all-natural vitamins and minerals are not just for women – nor will they interfere with how the male body works. Our hair growth formula works just as well for men as it does for women!

Is it safe for men to take?

Absolutely. HAIRLOVE Growth Complex works the same for men as it does for women – by supercharging your body with all-natural vitamins and minerals specifically aimed at growing healthier, stronger hair.

Will it make my beard grow thicker?

Yes, it will – along with giving you stronger nails and better skin, too! So, sorry-not-sorry to those ‘six o’clock shadow at three o’clock’ guys!

Pro tip from customer, Cory B. – Our Nourish + Repair Serum works great as a moisturizing beard oil.

Will it affect any of my male hormones?

HAIRLOVE Growth Complex is made from all-natural vitamins and minerals the human body needs. So, it will not negatively affect natural male hormones like testosterone.

However, to ensure you don’t have any allergies or sensitivities, please review our ingredient list.

Will it make make me grow more hair on my body?

HAIRLOVE Growth Complex supplies your body with hair-growing vitamins and minerals – that means wherever your hair grows, it will grow longer and stronger. That’s because it helps keep your follicles in their natural growth phase for longer.

Is it curative and will it fix genetic hair loss?

Our Growth Complex floods your body with natural hair-growing vitamins and minerals, and though it can help increase the growth (anagen) phase of hair follicles, it won’t correct or reverse genetic hair loss issues (like male pattern baldness).

When should I take HAIRLOVE Growth Complex?

You can take our Growth Complex at any stage in your hair growth journey – whether you’re looking to increase your hair density, or you’re looking to stop shedding so much. 

Go ahead – spread the (hair)love!

The clean, natural ingredients found in our Growth Complex will help supercharge hair growth no matter who you are. So grab yourself a bottle and start seeing the results yourself!

If you're looking for more answers, head to our general FAQ page.



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