Upgrade Your Towel Game: The Unmatched Benefits of Microfiber Towel

There’s nothing so comforting as stepping out of a hot shower and wrapping yourself up with a big, fluffy towel.

But, before you wrap your hair in that same towel, take a moment and consider this: your hair is very different from your skin. That towel, while it works well on your skin, is not designed to be used on your hair.

Take for instance, your face and body. In a pinch, a bit of body lotion will work to hydrate your face, but it’s not ideal. In the same sense, that cotton towel you might be tempted to wrap around your locks is akin to that body lotion on your face – a sub-optimal solution.

Protect your hair – especially when wet!

Our hair is in an especially vulnerable state when it’s wet. All that water weighs it down, making it much more susceptible to damage (such as from vigorous rubbing or wet brushing), and so, minimizing friction is essential.

However, gentleness is not the only key here. Drying your hair quickly also means your cuticles can close up faster, preserving their moisture and protecting hair from damage overall.

So what can you use to quickly yet gently dry your hair?

A microfiber hair towel!

What are microfiber hair towels?

Microfiber towels are made from fine, tightly packed synthetic fibers. These towels are gaining popularity in the beauty industry because they not only reduce friction, and so minimize hair damage, but also dry hair faster than a traditional towel.

So what does quick and gentle drying mean for hair, you ask?

Shiny, silky smooth locks that grow stronger!

Benefits of microfiber hair towel

Microfiber towels are great for all hair types because they help to:

  • Minimize frizz, breakage and split-ends
  • Define natural hair types
  • Alleviate neck strain (as opposed to a typical heavy bath towel!)
  • Boost product effectiveness (such as pairing it with an overnight hair mask)
  • Create a cute-meets-luxurious feeling!
Woman Applying Lipstick Draped in a Microfiber Towel

Difference between traditional and microfiber towels


Traditional towels are made big and bulky so they can easily dry your whole body. Microfiber towels are designed small and compact, meaning, not only are they easy to bring with you anywhere (i.e., vacation and work trips), but they also won’t sit so heavy on top of your head!

Traditional towel: Bulky, heavy, hard to pack
Microfiber towel: Small, portable, compact


If you look closely at your bath towels, you’ll notice they feature some pretty big loops and wefts, which are perfect for increasing surface area to catch and soak up excess water from your skin. Unfortunately, these loops are also really good at grabbing and tugging at your hair, which, as we mentioned above, can be extra-damaging to wet hair.

Microfiber towels, on the other hand, are made of much smaller, softer synthetic fibers tightly sewn together. This creates a silky smooth surface that reduces friction and therefore, breakage, split ends and other friction damage.

Traditional towel: Large, rough cotton fibers designed to maximize surface area
Microfiber towel: Small, soft synthetic fibers designed to gently soak up moisture


Though bath towels will dry your hair, they are not designed to be gentle on your lovely locks, which, not only roughs up hair cuticles, causing frizz, but can also cause long-term damage. That’s why microfiber towels are the better choice! They are created to gently – and more effectively – dry hair which can help minimize friction, frizz, and create softer, shinier, healthier hair, too!

Traditional towel: Damaging, frizz-causing
Microfiber towel: Gentle, faster hair drying with minimal frizz