Your first 3 months on HAIRLOVE Growth Complex

“With this one weird trick, you can grow longer hair practically overnight!”

Promises like that 👆are all over the internet. I once even saw a TikTok of someone rubbing an onion on their scalp to spur ‘instant’ hair growth… 🙄

Despite what anyone says, longer, stronger hair will not (I repeat, NOT) grow overnight.

Just like anything worthwhile, lasting results take time and commitment.

You wouldn’t expect overnight results by going to the gym and working out for a single day. Nor would you anticipate learning a whole new language in just a week!

Big changes require dedication – the same is true for growing stronger, healthier hair with HAIRLOVE Growth Complex.

Step one: Set realistic expectations. Hair growth is a journey – not a race!

If you start taking HAIRLOVE Growth Complex and expect instant hair growth, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment – even failure! Remember, no product out there works immediate “miracles”.

But when you reframe hair growth as a journey, and set realistic expectations, you can:

  • Confidently track new growth and improvements
  • Feel encouraged as you reach each milestone
  • Empower yourself to maintain a healthy hair habit

How long before I see results with HAIRLOVE Growth Complex?

Quality-sourced and rigorously tested, HAIRLOVE Growth Complex ingredients help extend your hair’s natural growth cycle and shrink its natural rest/shed phase.

Most research on the efficacy of our ingredients spans 90 days. This is why I recommend taking HAIRLOVE Growth Complex for at least three months before deciding if it’s right for you.

However, this doesn’t mean you’ll need to wait three months to see any improvement. Many of our customers start noticing changes in just four weeks.

"I'm on my first month taking them and I've already noticed changes, I don't lose so much hair and my hair is fuller. Here, you can see my before and after photos. I am super happy to start my second month taking them."⁠
– L.F.⁠

Keep in mind that results may vary depending on the person. After all, many factors contribute to how your hair grows – including the stage of growth your hair is in right now.

Step two: Keep a photo diary of your progress. Compare before & afters to see your hair transformation!

When you get your first shipment of HAIRLOVE Growth Complex, your very first step is… snap a picture of your hair!

This may seem like a strange step, but without a before picture showing where your hair is starting from, it can be hard to track your progress.

By snapping a selfie once per month, you’ll create a baseline for comparison. This will help you see your hair growing longer, stronger, and shinier over time.

Tips for taking better selfies

  • Commit to a single hairstyle for every pic (I recommend hair down, unstyled)
  • Wear a solid-colored shirt (lighter colors for darker hair and darker colors for lighter hair)
  • Find bright, natural lighting! I recommend standing in front of a window during the day.
  • If possible, ask a loved one to snap the pic for you!

Month 1: Fuller texture, less shedding & breakage

“I have been on the growth complex for a little over a month now and already see a difference! Less shedding (I was dealing with horrible shedding everyday) and the texture of my hair just feels thicker and healthier. I can see a difference in the fullness and overall texture. Can’t wait to see where my hair is at on month 3!”
– Claire O.

30 days into using HAIRLOVE Growth Complex , it’s time to pull up that day zero selfie and compare so you can see your progress.

By now, you should notice stronger locks. Like Claire, you might see an improvement in the fullness and texture of your hair.

You'll probably also notice subtler changes like:

  • less hair shedding (especially in the shower!)
  • new baby hairs sprouting along your hair line
  • overall thicker, softer strands – maybe even increased shine

Remember to snap your 30-day pic to add to your photo diary!

Month 2: Shinier, softer hair, healthy new growth around your hairline & part line

“I just started my second month of Hairlove Growth Complex. My hair feels soft and manageable, and I am super excited to see how the small hairs on my temples continue to fill in. I like the ingredients, they are super simple and good for your skin, nails, and hair. I definitely feel that if I was going all in I would have to try this product for three months to get the full effect I am looking for.”

– Sharon S.

After 60 days, you should start noticing some big differences from that first, day zero selfie. So pull out your phone and look at your progress photos for a confidence-boosting comparison!

Look closely along your hairline and part line. Both of these should look fuller as your baby hairs – which you may have noticed sprouting in the first month -– continue to fill in.

You should also notice even less shedding and breakage – and hair that attracts light like a suncatcher (my daughter came up with that description!).

Again, remember to take your 60-day pic to keep tabs on your progress.

Month 3: Stronger, shinier, visibly thicker hair! 🎉

“I used Nutrafol for 2 years and then tried Act and Acre supplements due to the expense. This by far is superior for me. I am on the fourth month and the biggest difference I have noticed is density. My hair is so much thicker. I keep my hair short, but at 46 years old, I want my hair as healthy as possible. I can also see a difference in my skin firmness. I will be sticking with this supplement, thank you!”
– Abbey J.

At day 90, you should be starting to see the full effects of HAIRLOVE Growth Complex, including:

  • Longer, stronger hair
  • Denser, fuller hair
  • Shinier locks that reflect all the light

Like Abbey, you'll likely be noticing firmer skin, and as another bonus, your nails should be feeling much stronger, too!

You may even finally be growing the longest hair you've ever had (yup, even past your collar bones)!

This is huge progress, and it's all because you committed to taking HAIRLOVE Growth Complex daily – so yay you!!

To really see all the stages of your hair transformation, pull out your day 0 photos, and compare them with your day 90 photos (which you should take right now!).

What if I see no difference after 3 months of HAIRLOVE Growth Complex? Our 100% money-back guarantee

Because results vary for everyone, some customers find that HAIRLOVE isn’t the solution to their hair growth problems.

However, even if Growth Complex does not give you the results you expected, your happiness is our top priority. 

That’s why you're protected by our 100% money-back guarantee. 

It covers your most recent order for up to one year from the purchase date. If you're not happy for any reason, contact us, and we'll promptly refund your full payment (excluding S&H).

Please note that the money-back guarantee is applicable once per product, per customer, for a lifetime.

What happens if I stop taking HAIRLOVE Growth Complex?

If you stop taking HAIRLOVE Growth Complex, you won’t lose your new hair growth, but your hair will eventually revert back to those day 0 pictures.

So, make taking HAIRLOVE Growth Complex part of your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly routine to keep that hair healthy, shiny and growing strong.

3 months and beyond: Turn HAIRLOVE Growth Complex into a healthy hair habit

“Ever since I have started taking these (then stopped due to traveling for 6 mos) then started back up again, my hair dresser can always tell a difference. I am now past the 6 months marker of taking them and I feel like my hair fullness is noticeable, rate of growth is noticeable but also this is the longest my hair has ever been. And that is saying a lot. My hair used to not be strong enough to grow past a certain point and now it is. My trims don't require taking off as much because my ends are stronger. I'm grateful for this supplement!!”
– Rebecca A.

HAIRLOVE Growth Complex is designed to be a part of your healthy habit routine. Just like eating healthy, regular exercise – even learning a new language! – taking HAIRLOVE Growth Complex will help give your body the hair-growing vitamins and minerals it needs to grow your best hair yet.

So what are you waiting for? You've got nothing to lose! Just stronger, healthier hair to gain – or your money back!

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Happy hair growth, beauty!