How to Prevent Hair Loss Triggered by Holiday Stress

Between shopping, baking, kid's concerts and a mad dash to clean the house in time for your in-laws, there's no escaping the stress of the holidays.

Unfortunately, this can cause telogen effluvium, that is, a common type of hair loss triggered by physical or psychological stress.

To make matters worse, you believe you don't have time for self-care and tell yourself, "I'll get back on track after the holidays."

Not only is this a surefire way to NOT fully enjoy your holidays, but, 'waiting' to take care of yourself can actually cause more hair loss down the road - even up to a year later.

How telogen effluvium increases hair loss

Humans typically shed between 50 and 100 hairs per day, with 90% of our follicles in the growth (anagen) phase and 10% in the shedding (telogen) phase.

When telogen effluvium occurs, it 'shocks' hair follicles, increasing the number of shedding follicles up to 20%, which causes more noticeable hair loss (like infamous 'clumps' of hair).

Here's the kicker: even after that stress trigger (AKA: the holidays) passes, it can take up to 8 months for hair shedding to return to its normal state.

This is why stress management is key during the holidays. The longer you wait, the higher your chances are of increased hair shedding.

Tips for relieving holiday stress and keeping hair growing strong

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To help you keep more hair on your head through the holidays and beyond, follow these daily stress-relieving tips:

  • Eat healthy - it's okay to indulge once in a while, especially during the holidays, but make sure you're still keeping your diet packed with lean proteins/protein-substitutes, fresh leafy greens, and whole grains - this will keep your body growing strong, healthy hair.
  • Sleep well - as those late nights shopping, prepping and talking creep into your sleep time, it's so important to keep protect your sleep - aim for 7 - 9 hours each night. This helps your body repair and replenish hair through the night. If you struggle with sleep, try a natural-ingredient sleep aid like Beauty Sleep Complex
  • Meditate and stretch - center your mind and unwind tight muscles to relax and release pent-up stress. Even ten minutes a day is better than nothing at all, so carve out a slice of time in the morning and/or evening to meditate and practice gentle yoga. This will keep your body stress-free and with enough energy to grow healthier hair.
  • Take a daily hair vitamin - like HAIRLOVE Growth Complex to supply your body with the precise vitamins and minerals it needs to grow strong, silky hair. The best part is, just two capsules per day will help stop shedding and keep your hair in its natural growth phase longer!
  • Practice preventative hair care - Apply frequent hair masks with clean, hydrating ingredients like our Nourish + Repair Serum, and gently detangle with a proper hair brush like our Denman Hair Brush.

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