How to Safely Style Your Hair During Spooky Season

Trick or Treat, beauty! 🎃👻🦇

Spooky season is all about embracing your inner ghoul, ghost, or glam witch, and that includes your locks! But over the years, I’ve seen a spine-tingling amount of hair damage and hair mishaps during Halloween, which is why I wanted to give you my best tips for safe styling. So grab your cauldron or broomstick, and let’s look at how to get that spooktacular hair — minus any hair horror. 

How to Prep Hair Before Styling

But first… before we can get into the good stuff, make sure you prep your hair! This will work wonders to help your spooky style stick.

#1 Clean and dry hair: To ensure that styling products work their magic, start with hair that's freshly washed and completely dry. This clean slate allows products to adhere better and helps your spooky styles last longer.

#2 Know your hair type: Just like witches have different spells for different situations, your hair type matters. Are you blessed with luscious curls, sleek straight strands, or something in between? Knowing your hair type is essential as it affects how styles will hold and what products work best for you. Embrace your hair's uniqueness, and work with what you've got!

Safety Tips for Styling Hair During Halloween

  • Avoid temporary hair dyes if possible. While temporary hair dye is fantastic to get an entirely new bold look for Halloween, it can be harsh on hair. If you are opting for temporary hair dye, be sure to look for safe, non-toxic alternatives with natural ingredients. And when it's time to say goodbye to your fun color, follow the removal instructions carefully to prevent any staining or damage.

  • Avoid tight hairstyles. While a tight hairstyle may be appealing to fit your Halloween costume, it can put undue stress on your hair and scalp. This can potentially lead to breakage or damage. Look for alternatives when dressing up as your favorite character, and opt for styles that are comfortable and won't cause strain.

  • Beware of harsh chemicals. Just like witches choose their ingredients with care, select hair products that are kind to your locks. Be on the lookout for products containing harsh chemicals or temporary dyes. For example, chemicals including coal tar, denatured alcohols, formaldehyde, mineral oil, parabens, para-phenylenediamine (PPD), phthalates, silicones, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, etc. These can lead to dryness, breakage, and allergic reactions. Stick to tried-and-tested products with good reviews. 


  • Carefully use heated styling tools. Heated styling tools can be essential for getting your desired look, but they also have the potential to scorch your locks. When using these tools, apply heat protectant sprays to shield your hair from the scorching effects of styling tools. Plus, opt for the lowest effective heat setting to avoid unnecessary damage and keep the tool moving to prevent overheating in one spot.

  • Patch test any new products. Before trying a new hair product or dye, always perform a patch test to check for potential allergic reactions. Apply a small amount of the product to a discreet area of your skin, typically behind your ear or on your inner forearm, and watch for any adverse reactions over a two-day period. When patch testing hair dye, mix and apply the dye exactly as you would during the full application process. This makes sure you're testing not just the dye itself but also any potential reactions to the chemicals in the developer or activator.

  • Remove styling products before bed. Hair styling products like hairsprays, gels, and mousses contain various ingredients that can accumulate on your scalp and hair follicles. When these products remain in your hair overnight, they can clog your pores and weigh down your hair. This can lead to skin issues like acne, pimples, and even hair follicle infections. Plus, some styling products may contain chemicals or fragrances that can trigger scalp irritation and discomfort when left in for too long. Removing these products before sleeping helps your locks stay clean and vibrant.

  • Try extensions or wigs to safely change up your look. For added drama or to complete your spooky look, consider using wigs and extensions. These are safe alternatives to hair dyes and other potentially harmful styling products. When using wigs and extensions, make sure they are clean and well-maintained. Wig caps can help secure your natural hair underneath while preventing any damage or discomfort. Be careful to avoid attaching wigs and extensions too tightly as it can place stress on your hair follicles and scalp.

  • Use silk scrunchies for up-dos to avoid hair damage. Silk scrunchies reduce friction on hair and help maintain your hair's moisture. These work great for pulling your hair up throughout the day and also at night to protect your hair while you sleep. Check out our Luxury Silk Scrunchies to try these soft, stylish hair accessories! 

6 Spooky Fun Halloween Hairstyles

Creepy Crawly Spider Bun 

  • First, pull your hair up into a ballerina bun. 
  • Attach black pipe cleaners into the side of the buns and shape them into spider legs.
  • Add two googly eyes to the front of the bun with a small dab of eyelash glue for a totally creepy crawly spider bun!

Cute Ghost Buns

  • Start by gathering your hair into two pigtails. 
  • Wrap the hair around the hair ties for little buns. 
  • Grab white tissue paper and wrap it over the bun. Anchor it with another hair tie. 
  • Use a magic marker to draw on little ghost eyes or faces. And voilà! You have magical ghost buns.

Eyeball Bubble Braids

  • Tease the top of your hair for the messy look. 
  • Section by section, use elastic hair bands to tie off your hair and pull it out for the bubble effect. 
  • For each braid section, add an eyeball for a spooky look.
  • Use a non-toxic hairspray to finish it off for an eye-catching hairstyle. 

Hair Cat Ears

  • Take a small section of hair from the side of your head and do a simple three-strand braid. Tie it off with a clear elastic band.
  • Take another section of hair directly below that and repeat the step. 
  • Now, take the two braids and tie them together. Pull the top braid to create a little cat ear. 
  • Repeat on the other side for a complete cat look! 

Halloween Accessories Messy Bun


  • This one is pretty simple! First, put your hair up into a messy bun. To keep your bun in place, you may want to lightly spritz your roots and ends with texturizing spray before styling, but remember to find one with natural ingredients. 
  • Then, find your favorite spooky accessories, like these fake spiders, and secure them with bobby pins. 

Halloween Hair Horns

  • For this devilish style, start with making two pigtails. These can be smaller so the end result is a half-up, half-down look. 
  • Twist your hair around the hair tie. Make sure there is more hair around the base than the top. 
  • Secure with bobby pins and a non-toxic hairspray. And there you have it — a fun bad girl hairstyle to rock over Halloween! 

Halloween Hair After-Care Tips

When it’s time to throw out the pumpkins and tuck away the Halloween decorations until next October, you may also need to give your hair some extra attention. Here’s some post-Halloween hair care tips to help your hair recover after all the spooky styling: 


  1. Detox and remove build-up. At the end of all the Halloween parties and get-togethers, you probably have your fair share of product build-up. Our Detox Scalp Massager can help remove build-up, exfoliate, improve circulation, and promote hair growth. This is a great way to get rid of all the gunk post-Halloween. 
  2. Replenish and nourish. Styling your hair for Halloween may strip your scalp and hair of its moisture and lead to breakage. HAIRLOVE’s Nourish + Repair Serum is made of 100% argan oil, which moisturizes, restores shines, prevents dryness, reduces frizz, and overall supports healthy scalp and hair. You can use this serum as an at-home hair mask, overnight hair treatment, or everyday heat protectant. 
  3. Ongoing hair support. Even when the last cobwebs disappear after Halloween, your hair needs support all year long. Our Growth Complex is a natural daily vitamin to give your hair the nutrition it craves for strong, thick, and healthy hair. To help with your daily styling, you can also invest in a Luxury Hair Towel and Denman Hair Brush to more gently dry and brush your hair, as well as reduce any breakage. 

Remember, spooky season isn't the only time your hair deserves to shine. By following these tips, you can have hair that's not only bewitching but also healthy, strong, and full of life. From simple post-Halloween detox and nourishment to ongoing hair support, there's no trick to achieving hair that's a real treat. 🧡🍬🎃🍬